About Me

About Me: Mistress Vicki

I am a fetishist and sadist at heart; I love to inflict pain and have things done my way. Experimentation and exploration are essential to my play. I have been described as deliberate, deliciously twisted, and intuitive. Do not let my petite stature or kind nature fool you; I am capably violent.

I want to know every fantasy and fetish you ever thought of and figure out how to make them serve me and my interest in deconstruction. I can be the Dominatrix from the porn you saw in middle school with the corset and tall boots, but I am much more complex than that; I can be a vehicle to explore your sexuality, desires, and truest self. I am extremely discerning when it comes to play. I enjoy chewing on a scene – sometimes literally.

I love pain. I love to inflict it, to figure out what kind of pain people like and how they can best take it. I am a happy and giggly sadist. Playing with limits and anxieties is great fun; poking at and expressing internalized shame, and dress up and performance. These things are not required to have a good session with me, but I will be doubly enthusiastic if you ask me to make you up, beat you, and do whatever I would like.

Impact and corporal punishment are passions of mine. Blood and bondage are of particular interest. I have an extensive collection of both latex and leather, somewhere around two dozen pairs of heels and boots, and a love for both sharp and blunt force weapons. Fetishists, kinksters, and submissives are equally welcomed. I like to laugh in session and occasionally make people cry. Cathartic or experimental play are both of interest. Theatricality and objectification are always appreciated. Worship and reverence are expected.

All that being said, don’t be afraid of me the moment you walk in the door. I will always treat you with respect and like the person you are. I am only mean if you beg for it. You do not have to be an experienced needle bottom or absolute depraved psycho to see me. I am newbie friendly, and just generally friendly. I have more than one client who isn’t necessarily kinky, but simply enjoys spending time with me; I must not be terrifying 24/7, right? Spend some time browsing here and on my Twitter or reach out for a phone consultation or via SextPanther if you’re still nervous. I don’t bite (again, unless you beg for it.)


Fun Facts

I am comfortable sharing about my life with clients. I believe that it is important for me to be transparent and open with you as I am asking you for that as well. I very much appreciate and respect the trust that clients share with me and will always honor that. So here are a few anecdotes about me:

My friends call me Vicki (and sometimes Captain), but I expect all clients to address me properly: Mistress Vicki. My full name is Victory Thi. Pronounced like “tea” and NOT liuke “thigh.” Think about the Louvre, but also think about 70s rock and roll in relation to my name. You get bonus points if you know both of those references.

In addition to being a pro-Dom I am also an artist and educator. I bring my years of experience as a creative and facilitator into my work wherever I go.

I collect records, bones, and books. I process most of the bones myself, but that’s nearly impossible to do in a NYC apartment.

I am polyamorous and queer. Kink is part of all my sexual/romantic relationships. Yes, I love my job. No, I do not want to have sex with you; I am largely asexual.

I have a large and growing collection of tattoos and change my hair quite often. I enjoy exploring beauty.

My favorite movie is Trainspotting and my favorite book is Just Kids.

I can play a few instruments with astounding mediocrity.

I love art history. Take me to a museum or gallery.

Community is very important to me. I used to co-host an event called Glory that was conceived as a way to provide a celebration and jobs for SWers and other local kinksters after the height of Covid. 

I am disabled. No, you can’t tell. (Unless something goes very wrong.)

I hate repeating myself. I am incredibly patient and understanding, but if you keep asking the same question, and especially if you’ve interrupted me, I will become extremely cross. Do not push this if you are a brat; consider it a hard limit.

Intrusiveness and rude behavior is a fantastic way to get booted out the door by me; I am very good with boundaries.

I’m from the South. Kinda. You won’t hear my accent most of the time, but it is incredibly aggressive on certain words and I have no control over it.