“The first time…I was a little unsure of the feeling, but by the end of the session I was begging her to do it again. I could see myself descending far into sub space when under Mistress Vicki’s control.”

“Excellent. Super professional. You have a great attitude and personality. I’m sure you will prosper in this profession.”

“Most of all, I admire her ability to improvise and think quickly on her feet… Mistress Vicki fulfilled one of my all time fantasies with her smoking session.”

“Best session of my life. You were perfect.”

About Mistress Vicki

Mistress Vicki Thi is a Professional Dominatrix, educator, and designer based out of Brooklyn, NY. She specializes in fashionable fetishes, invasive forms of play, all things sharp, and other things that you’re not supposed to talk about on the internet. Physicality is essential to her desires and therefore she rarely does any virtual/distance domination. Come in person for a session and experience Victory.



I am a sadist at heart; if you are not interested in anything that could be considered painful, humiliating, difficult, extremely odd, or intrusive than I recommend booking me for a social date before, or in lieu of, a traditional session to see if we have chemistry. I have many interests that expand beyond my sadism, but that is what I truly desire. I only respond to thoughtfully written inquiries that come with the required deposit and pertain to my interests.

I have a tremendous personal stock of impact implements, sharp objects, fetish fashion, and ropes at the ready in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Sessions are at minimum one hour long; I require two hours minimum for some activities. I provide sessions for women, men, trans/nb people, and couples. Double/multi Dom/me sessions, FMTY, and social time are available upon request as well. I have educational offerings but do not provide mentorship.




All session inquiries must be accompanied by a completed intake form, screening information, proof of vaccination, and a deposit. There are no exceptions.